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The first item ever sold on eBay was... eBay founder Pierre Omidyar's broken laser pointer. It sold for almost $14.00.

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How to Become an Auction Genius: A Radio Interview with The Queen of EBay
More and more people are making a full time living buying and selling on eBay. But few are getting maximum profits out of their eBay business, according to Sydney Johnston, "The Queen of eBay."

The International Affiliate Program of EBay
Essentially eBay's affiliate program is no different except that with eBay, instead of having one or two items to promote you actually have 55 million items to choose from at any one time as this is t...

Royal Memorabilia Right Category Equals Maximum Profits
No matter what you're selling, choosing the right eBay category and creating that perfect listing results in higher bids. If you're trading in royal memorabilia this is certainly true but there are al...

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