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In June 2005, the wife of Tim Shaw, a British radio DJ on station 105.2 sold Tim's Lotus sports car with a Buy It Now price of $80.00. This was after Tim's wife heard him flirting with model Jodie Marsh on air. The car was sold within 5 minutes.

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If you are like me, you have probably made a purchase or two at an online auction. Why not? Some really great deals can be had and some very "hard to find items" can be found. But, there is so much more to know. What if you want to sell at an auction site or where do those great deals come from.

You have come to the right place for answers to these questions and a lot more. is your one-stop resource for everything "Auction". We've compiled an extensive collection of excellent resources and articles you can use to get the information, to make informed decisions or get assistance should you need it. Some of our newest topics include Drop Shippers, Auction Buying, Improving Your Auction Profits, Auction Wholesalers, Government Auctions, and much, much more. You can get started right now by reading the articles below or if you would like information on a specific auction topic simply use our handy search feature.

Auction Information, Help & Related Resources

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How To Find Tons of Hot Items Selling On EBay ...In Less Than 10 Minutes (03 Sep 2006)
This is a review of an eBay research software called Hot Item Finder. This software searches eBay based on a set of customizable choices and returns lists of hot products selling well on eBay.

The International Affiliate Program of EBay (03 Sep 2006)
Essentially eBay's affiliate program is no different except that with eBay, instead of having one or two items to promote you actually have 55 million items to choose from at any one time as this is the number of auctions running on eBay continuously.

Why Its a BAD Idea To Promote Hot Selling Products on eBay (03 Sep 2006)
Many auction sellers believe all of their sales problems will be solved because if the promote hot selling products on eBay. But there are problems with hot seller's. What are they, and what should you do to avoid them completely? Keep reading to learn more.

Making Money On EBay Can Be So Simple, Just Let Somebody Else Do All The Hard Work For You (03 Sep 2006)
OK, so you've been bitten by the eBay bug!

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This One Secret Can Double or Triple Your EBay Profits
If you currently run an Ebay Business or you are considering running an EBay business the ability to earn the most out of each auction is key. A little extra profit on Each Auction could make a huge d...

Eating and Thriving On-Line
I thrive on a rather limited diet in a small city with no sources of specialized food. I use the internet to feed myself. You can do it too. Anybody can eat well for a reasonable price by shopping on-...

How To Stop Ebay Buyers From Sniping Your Auction For Less Than Its True Value
This technique will allow you to stop last second snipe bids in their tracks, which will allow to end with higher auction final prices.

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